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StoneCap by NPB

The digital wealth management of NPB Neue Privat Bank

Digital wealth management with a dual approach - StoneCap by NPB is not a mechanical roboadvisor; rather, it combines quantitative asset management approaches with the long-standing experience of NPB's asset management team.

A professional ETF portfolio with global diversification starting at CHF 100,000 - Our offering consists of four broadly diversified portfolios of 15 to 20 exchange traded funds covering various asset classes (bonds, equities, real estate, infrastructure, (listed) private equity and precious metals). We guarantee you a professionally managed portfolio.

Everything from a single source - The securities are held in custody at NPB Neue Privat Bank and are managed by the bank's asset management team.

We aim for above-average performance - the four model portfolios invested by StoneCap by NPB in real terms since 2017 have shown very attractive performance; however, the following always applies: past performance is no guarantee for the future performance of your portfolio.

Cost-effective and transparent - The all-in management fee is 0.6% per year calculated on the average asset value.

High security - NPB New Private Bank is supervised by FINMA as a bank subject to the Banking Act; securities investments belong to the client or are held in segregated custody. Deposits (cash) are covered by the legal deposit insurance in Switzerland up to CHF 100,000 per bank and customer.

Always informed - Via NPB's online banking, you can find out about the positions in your safekeeping account and their valuation at any time.

Help desk - During business hours, we are available by e-mail; you are also welcome to contact one of our qualified employees by telephone during the account opening process.

StoneCap by NPB works in an easy and digital way