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Our all-in management fee is 0.6% per year

The digital wealth management solution StoneCap by NPB is characterized by low and transparent management fees. The management fees are composed of the comprehensive all-in management fee and the implicit ETF product fees. We do not select the most favorable ETFs at first glance, but the most favorable ETFs in terms of price-performance. For example, in the case of bond ETFs, the slightly more expensive ETFs with currency hedging in Swiss francs are used whenever possible.


Our management fee is 0.6% per year. This includes all management fees, account and custody fees, asset management fees and the preparation of the tax statement. Implicit product fees are approximately 0.3 - 0.4% per year. These are not charged by the bank, but to the ETF. The product fees are therefore reflected in the price of the ETF.

Comparison of Fees

StoneCap by NPB costs less than 1% per year including ETF product fees. Permanently low fees significantly increase your additional return in the long run.

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*Note: traditional asset management fees include custody fees, product costs, transaction fees, bid-ask spread's and exchange rates based on a comparable custody size.

The assumed fee difference of 2% between StoneCap by NPB and traditional asset management results in an added value of CHF 189'468.- to your portfolio. This is calculated with an initial investment of CHF 100'000.- and an annual market return of 6%. All management fees as well as implicit ETF product fees are taken into account.